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Our story

Creating an obvious solution

After years of tutoring, we saw first hand how transformative the right kind of tutoring can be. That's why we were suprised when people described not-so-good tutoring experiences they had.

We decided that there should be a no-brainer option, for people who wanted the best tutoring for their student— full stop.

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Fits your schedule

Why use MosaicMath

Getting you results

Having trouble with that one math class? Just not getting the scores you know are possible? Need to boost a math section grade on a big test?

That's what we are here for. MosaicMath gets students the results they are looking for— be it a score, a grade, or rekindling a methematical interest.

Why we do it

A seamless tutoring experience, faster.

We believe that (as the science shows), tutoring is the best way to learn. We are committed to getting those who choose tutoring up to speed with an excellent tutor as fast as possible, and to making that online experience as seamless as possible.

The quicker students can interact with a tutor, the faster the tutor can see their missteps, and set them back on the right track.

Enjoy flexibility without headaches


A bunch of great stuff in one easy package.

Student progress tracking & updates

We keep track of students through extensive tutor and student surveys, so that everyone stays in the loop.

Seamless online experience

We use drawing pads and virtual whiteboards to communicate math alongside our video calls. (Each student is provided a drawing pad.)

Focused curriculum

With our years of experience in the thick of math curriculum at all levels, we know which students need what interventions.

World-Class Tutors

We find people who are experts at math and who know how to teach. Then we only hire the ones who love both.

Easy digital interfaces

Want to reschedule? Switch tutors? See your students progress? Everything's only clicks away.

our process

Find a fit in 5 days:
Three easy steps


Meet with a diagnostic specialist

Students meet with one of our specialists, so we can get a better picture of their style.


Fill out the survey

Tell us your situation, goals, and schedule that will work best for you


Schedule with your paired tutor

The student meets with their pair. If its a fit, then schedule out into the future. Or else, its free.


Average tutored student
progress (over peers)


For an hour with an expert tutor
(other pairings available at every price point)


Positive Feedback
(Measured in crushed
tests and glowing parents)


Winner of the  
Asheville Impact


What people say about us



A MosaicMath tutor worked with my daughter in high school math and then again for the SATs. They were always prompt, polite, and she said they were excellent at explaining concepts and helped her a ton.



A MosaicMath tutor helped both my daughter (pre-calc) and son (grade 2) in math.  Each felt completely comfortable with their calm manner as well as the pace and level of explanation offered. Both benefited greatly from the time they spent with their MosaicMath tutor. He was exceedingly patient with my young one and got my daughter successfully through a subject that was challenging for her. I would highly recommend MosaicMath for tutoring math for learners of any age.


WCU Student

The tutors at Mosaic Math are very patient and take the time to help you understand the content. I would definitely seek their help again for any math related classes.

the team

A few of the tutors in our network


A teacher with an extensive knowledge pool and over 10 years experience teaching in a variety of education settings. Matt loves to find parallels among many facets of life and connect the things students know to the knowledge they are seeking.


Daisy is currently getting a Master's of Economics at Nova School of Business and Economics. She graduated magna cum laude from Barnard College of Columbia University in May 2018 with a degree in Economics and Mathematics. She has 10 years of experience working with students ranging from kindergarten to college-age and loves helping students find a passion for math, statistics, and economics.


Qurat is a current instructor at UNC Asheville’s Math Lab with a degree in Applied Mathematics but a love for history of mathematics. With five years of tutoring experience both privately and professionally, Qurat loves to explain the why of mathematics. She is also an avid TV-watcher, nature lover, and gardener.

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